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is a combi of the words MATI and MAKHLUK which means dead and creature respectively. alternatively called MATI-NYA MAKHLUK. it is a webseries about girls who mostly love each other. because they would refer to the feeling as love. mainly focuses on girl PELANGI DHAMARDJIE, navigating her life and shitbrain and gayrelationships with people of the past and present ♫

28/09/2023 gallery greatly reduced to finished works misc art separated 09/09/2023 comics code updated and characters pages slightly more mobile friendly
06/09/2023 gallery update and main character buttons updated
and discord link added
03/09/2023 new comic added
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31/08/2023 homepage art change and new other characters section
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25/08/2023 new comic added
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26/03/2023 first short story uploaded
25/03/2023 site created! everything put into place including gallery and first short comic and second short comic(both now archived and not canon :P)